Why Children’s

The Children’s Difference

We know that kids are not just small adults; they deserve pediatric-trained doctors, nurses and specialists who understand kids and their unique needs. We also know that there’s more to getting better than just seeing the doctor. Everything at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is done with kids in mind, from our colorful, friendly waiting rooms to the red wagons used to transport patients through our hospitals.

Every day, life-changing work happens at Children’s. From fixing fractures and treating cancer patients to performing appendectomies and organ transplants, we provide the best possible care to children from each of Georgia’s 159 counties—but we can’t do it alone.

On average, it costs $2.7 million a day to operate our facilities. We depend on the generous support of our donors to help us uphold our mission to make kids better today and healthier tomorrow. Donor support allows us to purchase new equipment, provide top-notch clinical care and offer patient services that make us uniquely Children’s.

Fundraising through Click for Kids is a convenient and powerful way to make a difference for the patients and families at Children’s. The following list shows just a few examples of what we can purchase with fundraiser monies:

  • $100= Arts and crafts supplies to provide patients with a creative outlet
  • $450= Specialty car seat to increase the safety of a medically altered patient
  • $1,000= Camp scholarships to give kids a chance to attend a specialized camp and learn ways to manage their illness or disability in a supportive environment
  • $5,000= A teak furniture set for our garden to provide patients and families a place of respite during hospital stays
  • $15,000= Equipment that helps to monitor intracranial pressure in severely brain-injured patients