1998 Society Grant Applications

The 1998 Society’s goal is to fund innovative projects with a high potential for results that will have clinical application and impact at the end of the grant period. Pilot projects that demonstrate feasibility, proof of concept, or contain plans to launch a new program or initiative that otherwise would not be funded, are encouraged. Most projects are funded for only 12 months but on occasion an exception may be made for 2 years of funding with a maximum amount awarded of $100K, and the second year of funding is contingent on documentation of successful attainment of year one goals. A plan for sustainability of all proposed programs/projects after the grant period must be defined.  

For historical reference of programs that have received funding from the 1998 Society click here. 


1998 grants ideally would

  • serve the patients of Children’s, both inside and outside of the hospital
  • apply to patients across multiple campuses and in the ambulatory setting
  • have clear, measurable outcomes with a high likelihood of success
  • appeal to physician donors

1998 grants should not be grants that propose

  • FTEs for care coordination or patient navigation
  • operational projects that should be covered by Children’s or Emory unless:
    •  there is an accompanying letter by the division chief/practice director that documents
      • their endorsement of the proposal
      • the reason this project is not in the operating budget
      • a proposal for how to cover cost beyond the 1998 grant period


Proposals should include:

  1. A short introduction
  2. Aims/Objectives
  3. Project plan with a proposed time line
  4. Target population for this project should include: number of children/families served and if hospital based, which campuses will be involved.
  5. Outcomes to be measured (what will you measure to see if the project has been successful)
  6. Metrics to be used to assess outcomes (what will you use to measure your outcomes i.e. surveys or type of data collection).  Include time points during the year of when you will collect the metrics
  7. Planned clinical application at the end of the grant period
  8. Detailed budget (how the money will be used)
  9. Relevance: Why this proposal would appeal to physician donors?

Projects that do not present a sustainability plan will not be considered. A progress report and short presentation to the 1998 Board is required at the end of the funding period to report on the above outcomes.

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