Children's Wish List

Your tax-deductible donation made via our online wish list will be used to purchase toys and other needed equipment to help make our patients and families more comfortable, and help continue our commitment to provide a friendly, cheerful, healing environment for our young patients. 

Items included on our online wish list range in prices below $5,000. If you are interested in making a larger commitment to Children’s, please contact one of our gift officers.

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Bike Helmets, Cribs, Sleep Sacks, Smoke Alarms, Car Seats, Booster Seats and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Medical wheelchair for patients and families.
Television/digital display monitor 43 inch
Help rehab patients gain experience in public settings.
TV monitors for game systems.
Families who are receiving treatment at our Feeding Disorders and Severe Behavior Programs can be with us for six to 12 weeks. Being able to wash clothes during this time can help relieve some stress of life's everyday chores.
ROHO cushions provide skin protection and positioning options. They provide individuals with increased positioning and stability functions when sitting in a wheelchair.
The Wii U can provide activity and distraction for children attending the Severe Behavior Clinic at Marcus Autism Center.
Video games help provide distract to children and teens in the hospital.

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