Children's Wish List

Your tax-deductible donation made via our online wish list will be used to purchase toys and other needed equipment to help make our patients and families more comfortable, and help continue our commitment to provide a friendly, cheerful, healing environment for our young patients. 

Items included on our online wish list range in prices below $5,000. If you are interested in making a larger commitment to Children’s, please contact one of our gift officers.

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Sleep Sacks help promote our Safe Sleep initiative.
Mothers of critically ill infants will use these bags to safely transport their milk.
iPads can create audio and video distraction, which offers Autistic children an opportunity to focus on familiar pleasant stimuli and self-regulate their behavior, creating calm and comfort.
This specialized chair allows for NICU parents to securely hold their pre-term infants to provide skin to skin contact even when the infant is intubated and on a ventilator. This chair also is roomy to allow for a parent to hold larger children in their lap in the PICU. The chair is also used in the PICU for a second parent to be able to fully recline and sleep at the bedside. PICU patients also use the chair as they progress and get out of bed.
To normalize the hospital environment through distraction by promoting normative play.
Bouncy swing/chair for our alone babies.
Our special needs / autistic patients are often overstimulated by loud noises and strange sounds creating undue stress during hospital visits. They often have coping mechanisms that include eliminating noise from their environment, allowing them to effectively block out the stressful stimuli.
This projector and sound machine will help create a soothing environment specific to the needs of children with maladaptive behaviors and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
To be used for our patients to play games in their room.
Rainbow Celebration allows patients and their medical team to celebrate when something extraordinary happens.

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