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Children's Wish List

Your tax-deductible donation made via our online wish list will be used to purchase toys and other needed equipment to help make our patients and families more comfortable, and help continue our commitment to provide a friendly, cheerful, healing environment for our young patients.  

Items included on our online wish list range in prices below $5,000. If you are interested in making a larger commitment to Children’s, please contact one of our gift officers.

Or, if you would like to make a donation that will be used to purchase Wish List items in need of funding, .

These funds will be used to purchase developmentally appropriate musical instruments for patients receiving music therapy services.
Child Life is in need of Google Play gift cards. We are using them for the new android tablets we got around the holidays - for teaching, distraction and normalization.
To provide to patients and families during their transplant admission.
Heartbeat bears are teddy bears that come with a small recordable speaker used to play a recording of a heartbeat. Heartbeat bears are provided to bereaved parents and siblings as a special keepsake to remember their loved one.
Mattel has added more diverse dolls to its "Barbie Fashionistas" line in an effort to encourage inclusiveness (dolls with wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs and scoliosis braces).
This guitar will be used on inpatient rehabilitation unit at CHOA Scottish Rite with all ages of kids (infant -21yrs) as part of the standard therapy treatment program.
Legos are often given to patients to play with in an effort to help normalize the hospital environment.
Liver and Kidney Plush: stuffed toy pillows to provide to patients during admission for liver and kidney transplants to provide comfort and normalization.
The cardiology and heart transplant music therapist will use this MacBook to enable patients and families to create meaningful memories, projects, and coping tools for patients to enhance their coping with hospitalization in the intensive care environment.
Managed by the Social Work Department, this fund is utilized to help cover identified patient family expenses such as prescriptions, transportation and utilities.
This Arterial Access Training Arm is a realistic and versatile task trainer designed for teaching intravenous and arterial access skills to learners of all levels.
To help meet the needs of our neurology families, we offer Feed the Brain food carts. This is an initiative designed to provide snacks and beverages to families during hospital stays.
Medical wheelchair for patients and families.
Support resilience activities and programs to reinvigorate staff to help them manage stress on the job.
These sound machines will help to cover the noisy hospital environment and provide better rest and care for our sick patients.
A child can have an unexpected admission for many reasons such as after an emergency room visit or a trip to the pediatrician's office. Many of our families arrive to the floors without any toiletries.
Buzzy utilizes vibration to minimize pain during needle sticks in patients of all ages (0+).
To cover the cost of one child attending summer camp for one week.
Child Life Specialists provide education, support and play to reduce the stress, anxiety and pain patients can experience in the hospital. They provide activities, toys and play spaces to make the hospital environment more normal and strive to make sure children and youth understand all the aspects of their medical treatment.
Because of concerns of spreading COVID-19, Children's has decided to implement stricter visitor and activity restrictions to encourage social distancing and protect our kids, families and employees. In response, our employees are finding new, creative ways to share some joy with our patients while in their rooms --while also keeping them safe.
Could fund much needed equipment for some of our most fragile patients. Items such as Zaky Kangaroo Wraps, Zaky Hugs, Swaddle Blankets, Kicksie SwaddleMe Wraps, MamaRoo oscillating chairs and Kangaroo chairs.
Bubbles, toys, distraction cards, etc. are used as a distraction for children during medical procedures.
These books will be used to support family members who have experienced a loss.
Double Sided Shelving for Picture Books and Rolling Frame to provide more books for patients to take home.
These oscillating chairs are used to soothe and comfort a baby by mimicking a parent when the parent is not able to be onsite with their child.
Mobile circular table to give patients space to do art, set up their personal computers, look at books, etc.
This cart would be used to house activities, art supplies, and other things to keep our patients involved, entertained, and active.
Resiliency in nurses is crucial to their ongoing engagement, productivity, and health in an emotionally demanding pediatric healthcare organization.
Mobiles designed with the goal of stimulating infant brain and sensory development.
The PICCLIne Man provides realistic ultrasound-guided PICC line training for our patient caregivers.
Pulmonary Function testing equipment is a tool used to assess how well the respiratory system is functioning.
Rainbow Celebration allows patients and their medical team to celebrate when something extraordinary happens.
We are looking to build backpacks with therapeutic activities to engage patients during their healthcare visits.
This 43-inch television/digital display monitor will be used to provide digital signage at the Family Library.
ROHO cushions provide skin protection and positioning options. They provide individuals with increased positioning and stability functions when sitting in a wheelchair.
Video games help provide distract to children and teens in the hospital.
A child can have an unexpected admission for many reasons such as after an emergency room visit or a trip to the pediatrician's office. Many of our families arrive to the floors without any toiletries.
Our chaplains provide spiritual support and guidance to patients and families as they seek healing, meaning and hope in the face of illness or injury.
Adjustable and moveable iPad stand
Car Seats | Bike Helmets | Cribs | Sleep Sacks | Smoke Alarms | Personal Flotation Devices | Carbon Monoxide Alarms | and other safety equipment